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What About 2023 Resolution?

I have 3 resolutions in 2022 and none of them become reality. There are so many problems I have to face, and I don’t want to create a nonsense target anymore. The only good news from my 2022 was I get a job, eventhough I don’t like it, and I will resign in June 2023.

Today, last week of 2022 and I have 2 targets for the next year. First, I will apply healthy habit to my life, that are doing exercises, eat healthy food, no sugars, get enough sleep and practicing mindfulness. Second, I always wanted a job in data science. Maybe I can start learning spreadsheets and SQL for the next year.

A Busy Mind

I often caught my mind gives me so many pictures and videos that running through my head. I know, the view is not real, but still, I freeze and daydreaming. Some of them are past events that I regret, and then the future events that give me too much anxiety.

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When Bad Things Happen

It is a neutral event that I judge based on my past. Now the task is, how can I give a space for those emotion and let it go? I thrive to remain aware, when the emotion come, I have to fully aware that those emotions is not a reality anymore and it will go away if I just observe and not doing anything for it.

Itu adalah kejadian netral yang saya hakimi berdasarkan pengalaman di masa lalu. Sekarang yang perlu diusahakan adalah, bagaimana caranya memberi ruang untuk emosi tersebut dan melepasnya? Saya berusaha untuk tetap sadar, saat emosi itu datang, Saya harus sadar penuh bahwa emosi itu bukan lagi kenyataan dan pada akhirnya akan menghilang jika saya hanya memerhatikannya saja dan tidak memedulikannya.

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January in Review

Why? Do you hear me? I’m talking to you. You leave me so fast. I start to fall in love with you but, what’s the matter? What I did wrong to you? Do you hate me? You leave me without saying a word. Everyone celebrates it when you come, we make a wish, make a brand-new resolution. You give us hope, make us smile, give us a moment of bliss, but suddenly you’re gone.