Be Here Now

Mindfulness is one of several strategies to cope with depression. In my older post, I mentioned that depression is like a demon, which will eventually get control over our awareness. Strengthen our awareness is one thing that we can do to deal with this kind of mind behaviour.

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It’s A Good Time to Sleep, but…

8:55 PM

Look! It’s almost 9 PM, let’s go to bed and get some rest. OK, I’ll sleep in 5 minutes, but wait I will check my e-mail for a moment.

9:00 PM

I think there are some “important” information on YouTube.

11:30 PM

I wonder, what happen in my twitter and Instagram? I’ll open it, so that I won’t missing out.

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Why Am I Running?

Move my body, move my feet, free my mind, inhale, exhale, I feel the soothing vibe. Sometimes, daily routine is boring. Wake up tired – overthinking – try hard to sleep – repeat. I need a refresher once a while.

I run because it’s a good exercise. I run to refresh my mind. I run to get sweat. Yeah, those are the reasons why am I running, but the main reason is,

I run to escape from reality

Reality hits me really hard to a condition where I’m unable to hold it anymore. There are plenty of hard work, dedication, sweats and tears that I give to my life, but sometimes it’s just not enough. In that moment I need to take a rest and escape.

Keeping on Track

Seventeen days went so fast. Looking back at the early days of this month, I was full of energy, I definitely will achieve my goals this year. But after some days, the bored time begin. Read and write, word after word, I still can’t remember new words. I found out my self bored and stressed.

I’m 20-something years old now and these days, learning activity is not fun anymore (maybe I’m not in the mood). I used to love almost all of the subject in school. I must remember those times, when my favourite activity was studying.

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