This Demon Makes Us Hate Medication

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, I’m just a sufferer who want to share my insight. I’m sorry for my bad English.

Why is it so hard to recover from depression? Because it is our mind. Our mind wants us to be safe, to be comfortable, Not taking risk at all. Depression tells us to remain in the state of “peace”. However, in the real world, our life doesn’t run smoothly as we want. There are obstacles, bad things, bad people, and a bunch of life challenges.

And now the problem happens. We have to deal with our everyday life so we can survive, but our mind (depressed mind) tells us not to “go outside” because it will harm you, your friend will eventually leave you, your boss will be angry at you, and nobody cares about you. Don’t help people because they won’t help you in the future, they only taking benefit of your kindness and they don’t really care about you. Depression makes us to create a space from other people, and we will be alone in the end. After that, this demon whispers “they said that you’re worthless, they hate you, this is hurt, I know you are hurt. So, in other to get a victory, to get claim of your peace, you have to disappeared from this painful world”. The quickest way to realise that kind of peace is to s**cide. Depression hates medication. This demon will tell you not to get medication because it is going to be hurt, you will feel bad about yourself, don’t seek for help, because they are fake.

Medication means we have to deal with all kind of bad sensation, confide all of our feeling, and forgive it. With a proper medication, depression will eventually go. This is the hard part, observing our thought without judgement and let them go. Healing process is very uncomfortable and takes a very long time (months or even years). I know various treatment which includes psychologist and psychiatry therapy, changing lifestyle to the good one, meditation, read and practice self-development book, mindfulness practice and other therapies.

I believe that, the key of recovery is our intention. A series of therapies will take an effect, if we have a strong desire to recover. It comes within ourselves, nothing can cure depression except ourselves.

Keep it up my friend, we can do it!

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